Our Kindergarten Program

Through Road Early Learning (TREL) offers a funded kindergarten program delivered by fully qualified kindergarten teachers. Our Kinder program provides a sessional kindergarten experience while also providing long day care to support working families. Existing families at TREL are automatically eligible for a place in our kinder program.


The curriculum in the Kindergarten room is using an integrated teaching approach which based on children's emergent interests, and balances periods of child-led play and structured teacher-led experiences. Kindergarten session is from 9:15am- 3:00pm, with children arriving from 7 am and departing by 6 pm. The staffing is consistent with a full-time teacher and an assistant in the room.   The children attend Bush Kinder once to twice a week and engage with various incursions/excursions. 

From 2019, TREL introduced Chinese (Mandarin) as part of the State Government's 'Learn languages at kinder' program. We have a fully qualified kinder teacher as our Chinese Teacher, and the program is scheduled once or twice a week. children will continue to be encouraged to learn through play, exploration and problem solving in Chinese learning.