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3 year old and 4 year old funded kindergarten


We offer a funded kindergarten program delivered by fully qualified kindergarten teachers. Our Kinder program provides a sessional kindergarten experience while also providing long day care to support working families. Existing families at TREL are automatically eligible for a place in our kinder program.

The curriculum in the Kindergarten room is using an integrated teaching approach which based on children's emergent interests, and balances periods of child-led play and structured teacher-led experiences. Kindergarten session is from 9:15am- 3:00pm, with children arriving from 7 am and departing by 6 pm. The staffing is consistent with a full-time teacher and an assistant in the room.   



Our bush kinder program runs once or twice per week (Days rotate each term). The program fits well under the Victorian VELDEF.

Children will have the opportunity to take supported risks that will give them invaluable learning. It increases their confidence, motivation and concentration through diverse outdoor activities. They will also have deeper conceptual understandings and respect for the natural environment.



The Kookaburras (4 year old Kinder) & Wombats (3 year old Kinder) will combine and have projects throughout the school holiday. Having a mix age group learning can support Kinder children to show their leadership skills, to develop responsibility and care towards others. As for the younger children, learning experience will help develop their confidence as well as enhance their language and social & emotional skills.

- One of the projects in 2022 School holiday program was using cardboard boxes and recycled materials to create an unique play space for the group. We followed children's interest and they made their own pirate ship and a rocket. Children love the outcome and they are very proud of themselves.



From 2019, TREL introduced Chinese (Mandarin) as part of the State Government's 'Learn languages at kinder' program. We have a fully qualified kinder teacher as our Chinese Teacher, and the program is scheduled twice a week as part of our 4 year old funded kinder program. 

Languages will be incorporated into everyday learning activities to give children the opportunity to use the language themselves. They will be encouraged to engage in language learning through play, art, music and stories, increasing their vocabulary along the way.

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