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The Centre was established in February 1986 with Federal funding for building renovations and equipment purchases. Boroondara Council provided the building and land for the establishment of the first parent-managed child care centre in Camberwell. 

The Centre moved to temporary premises while renovations were carried out during 1997. Renovations to the staff areas, laundry and kitchen were completed in 2012.

The Centre had an interior renovation between Jan 2022- Nov 2022. The Centre moved to another temporary premises in Balwyn during the renovation period. Renovation to the kitchen, all the children's room and foyer were completed.

About Us: About Us


C   Communication, creativity, collaboration, compassion, cooperation

A   Acceptable, admiration, active, adaptability, awareness, attentiveness, active-supervision

R   Respect, responsibility, responsive, reliable, recognition, rights

E   Empathy, education, equality engagement, environment​

Through Road Early Learning aims to provide an environment that respects and values the strengths and needs of the children, the families, the staff and the community.

About Us: About Us


The philosophy makes our TREL unique.

The role of educators

The educator's pedagogy enables them to engage in teaching styles informed by a variety of theorists' beliefs and research, including child-initiated learning, teacher- directed learning, and interacting with children to promote and extend learning. Educators follow the planning cycle to observe, plan, implement and reflect on program.

The Holistic Child

We believe all children are strong, inquisitive, enthusiastic and capable learners. Each child is valuable and should be treated as an individual. We value children's ideas and interests, culture and home experiences, and encourage children to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility in the environment.

The role of families

We believe that families are a pivotal valued part of children’s learning and recognise the importance of open and honest communication with families. We encourage families to be active participants in their child’s learning and in the development of the centre and its programs. We value the equality and diversity of all families and their different cultural practices.

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