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Fees are charged for each session of care and vary depending on the age of the child in care and the family’s eligibility for Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

Fees are payable for every day that a child is enrolled at the centre, with the exception of staff training day(s) where the centre is closed. This includes sick days and family holidays but excludes periods when the centre is closed, e.g. Christmas closure period and public holidays.


Casual days may be offered to families if available within the Centre’s license. (Refer to our fees policy for more information)

*Fees are subject to change.


Free Kinder is available in Three- and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten programs across Victoria at participating services at both standalone and long day care services.

For families with children enrolled in kinder programs at TREL in 2023, Free Kinder means a fee offset of $2,000 per child :

  • For 3-year-old children, this means $2,000 for children enrolled in a 15-hour kinder program (600 hours a year).

  • For 4-year-old children, this means $2,000 for children enrolled in a 15-hour kinder program (600 hours a year).

*Your child can only access one funded kinder program at a time. This means that only one service can claim kindergarten funding for your child and pass on the Free Kinder savings.

Please click the button below to find out more information about Free kinder.


Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to all families who are Australian Residents. To find out about eligibility, families must contact the Family Assistance Office.

Child Care Subsidies can be received as:
● A reduction of fees through the centre.
● A lump sum payment to families at the end of the financial year that the Centre is used in.

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